Proudest of you!

There are just so many funny and endearing things this little one says that I just have to document it. For both our sakes 🤩 After a long day out shopping with her grandmother (@shobhanandini ) and aunt (@ria464 ), Zoya comes back to Mama. While they explain how good she has been and what... Continue Reading →


My funny toddler…

Z licks every last gram of the chocolate egg, hands over the empty wrapper and says in the most matter of fact tone: "Enough of chocy, Mama!" #zoyaschronicles #funnytoddler #funnybaby #babytoddler #toddlerblog #momblog #mommyblog #mommyblogger #mblog #mblogging #mblogger #familyblog

Where did I go wrong? 

So, mom and I have this terrible habit of watching really awful Hindi movies over and over again. We laugh, we cry (because we laugh so hard) and we cringe at the level of mediocrity and 'what were you thinking-ness'. One of our all time favourites is Mein Prem Ki Deewani. A timeless classic in which Kareena... Continue Reading →

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