How to Successfully ‘Build’ a Mother…

Building or assembling a mother is a complicated business. It is quite instantaneous in some regards. In others, it is time-consuming, may take lots of tools and you see the finished product only much later. It's been almost 20 months since I've had this little whirlwind in my life. She has managed to turn everything... Continue Reading →


From my little baby to my little girl…

Where do little girls come from? I don't mean anatomically. I'm going to have a hard enough time explaining that to my inquisitive little Z when she is older. So, let's not go there now. But more figuratively. Where DO little girls come from? Yes, yes, we do have the sugar and spice and all... Continue Reading →

Where did I go wrong? 

So, mom and I have this terrible habit of watching really awful Hindi movies over and over again. We laugh, we cry (because we laugh so hard) and we cringe at the level of mediocrity and 'what were you thinking-ness'. One of our all time favourites is Mein Prem Ki Deewani. A timeless classic in which Kareena... Continue Reading →

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