Dear Santa

Watching a Christmas scene on TV, Zoya decided to send Santa a letter (mostly to convince him that she’s been good this year for a few extra presents). She also had very important instructions for me to write it on a piece of paper as well as on my phone. I guess she doesn’t have much faith in me. Anyway, here’s the letter (verbatim):

“Dear Santa,

I can wish you can give me a doll who can talk, sleep and open his or her eyes. And nothing else. You can come in a sleigh. In my chimney. But I don’t have a chimney. Use the door please. I miss you, Santa. I love you so much, Santa.

Samir can get a new teddy bear. Mama can get new lips (Chapstick) like mine. And then for Dadda, he can get a new tissue box. Done.




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