Living with a boy!

So, the troubles we thought we would deal with during the teenage years have started way early. This is a series of voice notes Zoya sent the family. ⠀

Z: “I want to live on my own when I’m a BIG girl…”⠀

Mama: “You want to live on your own? You want to leave Mama and Dada?”⠀

Z: “With a boy!”⠀

Mama (in shock) “What? You want to live with a boy? Which boy?”⠀

Z: “The boy of Qafirana (the song).”⠀

Mama: “But Dima (Divya) likes him. You will to share…”⠀

Z: “I also love him!”⠀

Mama: “Maybe she can share – we’ll ask her.”⠀

Z (very defiant): “No!”⠀

Mama: “But Ammu (Shobha) says he’s too old for you.”⠀

Z: “Nooo, I want him.”⠀

Mama: “Tell your Dada (Varun) this.”⠀

Z: “No I won’t. Never ever ever ever never ever. Because he doesn’t like any of my boys!”⠀

Sushant Singh Rajput, you should be honoured. ⠀


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