They grow up so fast ❤️

Thanks, Google, for making Mama tear up first thing in the morning!


Morning affirmations ❤️

Early morning conversations when Mama is half asleep: Z: "You want to sleep?" ✨ Mama: "Yes." ✨ Z: "You want to wake up?" ✨ Mama: "No." ✨ Z: "You want coffee?" ✨ Mama: "No." ✨ Z: "You want candy?" ✨ Mama: "No." ✨ Z: "You want Dada?" ✨ Mama: "No." ✨ Z (very offended): "But... Continue Reading →

No call me chick!

Zoyu riding her black bike around the house - ✨ Mama: "Wow, Zoyu, you look like a biker chick..." ✨ Z: "No call me chick!" ✨ Mama: "Oh sorry, what are you then?" ✨ Z: "I'm Zoya Menon Rao." 😎 ✨✨✨ 🎆 Haha that moment when you realise your 2-year old has more swag than... Continue Reading →

Happy Father’s Day 💛

Zoya Speaks: "Mama definitely underestimates me and my intelligence. A few days ago, she found this fill-in-the-blanks Father's Day message online. She saved it, but assumed there was no way I could do it. But I'm Zoya. I think most people know, by now, how I tend to surprise and amaze! So, she decided to... Continue Reading →

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