Once upon a time…

Zoya’s story⠀

I’m actually pretty proud of this story and I think she nailed the end! M. Night Shyamalan, are you interested? ⠀

“Once upon a time, there was a little boy and little girl called Zoya and Samir. They lived with their Mama and Dada. Mama’s name was Mama and Dada’s name is Dada. ⠀

One day, Zoyu saw a monster under her bed. She runned (ran) to tell Mama and Dada and they said don’t worry, there are no monsters. ⠀

Next day, she saw two monsters in the cupboard and she told Mama and Dada. They said no monsters here!⠀

Last day, she saw the monsters sitting on Mama and Dada’s bed. And they were wearing Mama and Dada’s clothesies (clothes)! ⠀

Mama and Dada had been the monsters forever. ⠀

The end.”

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