Wedding ceremony

Zoya: “Okay, Mama and Dada. Pretend like you are married.”⠀

Mama: “But we are married, Zoyu!”⠀

Zoya: “Hmmm…Okay, just stand on this please.”⠀

*Mama and Dada follow instructions by standing on the unwieldy bubble wrap*⠀

Zoya: “Now hold hands. And dance.”⠀

*Mama goes shake shake, while Dada attempts the chicken dance*⠀

Zoya (shaking her head disappointedly): “Noooooo! Hold hands and dance together.”⠀

*Mama and Dada follow instructions akwardly*⠀

Zoya: “See. NOW you are really married. No more pretending.” ⠀

I wish we knew about this ceremony 7 years back. Would have saved us a lot of money and effort 😁⠀


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