No call me chick!

Zoyu riding her black bike around the house - ✨ Mama: "Wow, Zoyu, you look like a biker chick..." ✨ Z: "No call me chick!" ✨ Mama: "Oh sorry, what are you then?" ✨ Z: "I'm Zoya Menon Rao." 😎 ✨✨✨ 🎆 Haha that moment when you realise your 2-year old has more swag than... Continue Reading →


We don’t need no education… (umm, actually we do!)

Z started school this month. How in the world did that happen?? Wasn't she JUST born? Wasn't she JUST taking her first steps? Didn't she JUST say her first words? Well, maybe not. But these were just a few thoughts that went through my mind when I started looking for the 'perfect' school. I thought... Continue Reading →

Proudest of you!

There are just so many funny and endearing things this little one says that I just have to document it. For both our sakes 🤩 After a long day out shopping with her grandmother (@shobhanandini ) and aunt (@ria464 ), Zoya comes back to Mama. While they explain how good she has been and what... Continue Reading →

Chip of the ol’ block!

At the shop: Mama: "Zoyu, please look for your chips." Zoya: "Chippppssss, where are you??" Hungry, determined, funny toddler = A whole aisle of shoppers sharing a great big laugh 😂🤣 #zoyaschronicles #funnybaby #funnytoddler #babyblog #toddlerblog #mamalife #mamablog #mamablogger #mblog #mblogging #mblogger #familyblog #hungrytoddler

Raising little fighters

Z just turned 2 last week. It's been the best two years of my life. And also the most terrifying. As a first time mom, I'm worried. Worried about the little things - bugs, colds, coughs, hot beverages, stairs, sharp objects. But these are in my control (well, most of them are). And then there... Continue Reading →

Shopper for life!

This little munchkin never ceases to amaze me! Mama and baby went shopping yesterday to the mall. And she was absolutely perfect! No crying, no fussing around, no asking to be carried, no tantrums when she saw a special toy. Instead she decided to run around, make friends with every salesperson, choose her own clothes... Continue Reading →

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