From my little baby to my little girl…

Where do little girls come from? I don't mean anatomically. I'm going to have a hard enough time explaining that to my inquisitive little Z when she is older. So, let's not go there now. But more figuratively. Where DO little girls come from? Yes, yes, we do have the sugar and spice and all... Continue Reading →


Trés Jolie – Review

When you have a toddler, you tend to look for places that are child-friendly or meant just for them. For me, there is no greater joy than seeing the look on Z's face when she sees something that fascinates her or makes her squeal with happiness. The last weekend, we found one such place -... Continue Reading →

Where did I go wrong? 

So, mom and I have this terrible habit of watching really awful Hindi movies over and over again. We laugh, we cry (because we laugh so hard) and we cringe at the level of mediocrity and 'what were you thinking-ness'. One of our all time favourites is Mein Prem Ki Deewani. A timeless classic in which Kareena... Continue Reading →

No pain, no gain? 

​Yesterday was traumatising. My little Sweet Pea was to have her ears pierced (traditionally, Malayali kids have it done before the age of 1). To be honest, I was in two minds all these days and even the thought of it made me anxious.  Once we got to the jewellers, a decision needed to be... Continue Reading →

Ice, ice, baby! 

It's quite a milestone day - Sweet Pea had her first taste of ice cream and boy, did she love it! I know, I know.. no sugar before they turn a year old but a little sugar and spice hurt no one.. add 'all things nice' and isn't that what little girls are made of?... Continue Reading →

‘Gents’ or ‘ladies’? 

It's such an irony that the day I write a post about gender neutral clothing is the day I get asked if my daughter is a "gents" or "ladies" by two people! Anyway, despite her silver bow or because of it, she looked adorable and I'm proud to dress her the way I do 💗

Hold her just once..

I've been adviced so many times: "Don't hold her for too long, let her play on the rug with her toys." "Don't hold her and sleep. She will expect that every single time." "Put her down now and she will form the habit of sleeping alone eventually." I do agree with most of these and... Continue Reading →

Newspapers are fun! 

So, Sweet Pea has been interested in newspapers ever since we got to India. Unfortunately, she always tries to take the ones that her grandparents have not yet read. Well, today she got her hands on one finally. And as you can see, she had a blast! #newspapersarefun

Her life chronicled!

What am i doing here? All over again and for the umpteenth time? Blogging or trying to? Sigh. Everytime I've begun a blog in the past, I've either 1) Lost interest 2) Lost passwords 3) Got pregnant and couldn't upload recipes as I would retch at the thought of food! However, this time is different... Continue Reading →

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