Who says I always have to dress like a girl?!

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From my little baby to my little girl…

Where do little girls come from? I don’t mean anatomically. I’m going to have a hard enough time explaining that to my inquisitive little Z when she is older. So, let’s not go there now.

But more figuratively. Where DO little girls come from? Yes, yes, we do have the sugar and spice and all things nice. But I’ve realised there is so much more.

Big puppy-dog eyes, expressive gestures, stinky diapers, dirty bloomers, unkept hair, drooly t-shirts, butterfly kisses, warm hugs, curious minds – this is what transforms a baby into a little girl.

Z has been growing by leaps and bounds in the last month and a half. As this is a blog to document these milestones, I would love to highlight some of them.

  1. Little Ms. Fashionista

Z is now pretty particular of what she wants to wear. Too many ruffles, too big, too itchy and she’ll try taking it off before you can say, “Please baby, just for an hour!”

She hates hairbands and we are lucky if we can sneak in a hairclip without her knowing every now and then! Or else Mama has to take action and make the clip-wearing process a lot more fun!

She’s old enough to appreciate beauty around her and says,” Wowww” every time she sees pretty flowers, a big tree or her aunt trying on a gorgeous dress.

2. Forrest Gump

Z is in a ‘marathon runner’ phase at the moment. She runs and runs and runs. Everywhere. All the time. As I type this, I see her running across the living room to give her grandfather a big hug; and it’s hilarious because her legs are still a bit wobbly and her arms flop around behind her almost like wings.

3. Dancing Queen

Z absolutely loves dancing. And even more so, when there are lots of people around. It’s almost as if she’s performing. We went to a night market a couple of days back and there was some lovely live music playing. While we were busy with eating and drinking, little Z danced and danced and danced the night away, entertaining all those around her.

4. Little Marie Curie

Why say Einstein when you can say Marie Curie, right?

Anyway, I believe Z is incredibly receptive to information and knowledge right now. A cute little sponge, if I may. It’s incredible how quickly she is learning things. From counting 1, 2, 3 to saying A for Apple and B for ball; from making a funny face to saying Hi and Bye to strangers without anyone prompting her; from knowing all the actions and most of the words from her favourite rhymes to knowing there is food in the vicinity just at the crunch of a packet – it’s amazing to see her learn and retain all this. Granny is currently teaching her to say, ‘No nonsense!’ and she repeats with a whisper, ‘No nanas’.

Sometimes, she shocks us with little sentences – ‘Cat there’, ‘Tutti there’ and ‘Mama here’. She has her own little gibberish language and it annoys her when we can’t understand what she is saying, especially when she feels like she is communicating so beautifully! Oh and she calls herself, ‘Vova’ or ‘Joya’ at different times!

5. Little Foodie

In true Menon and Rao style, Z loves her food too. Her favourites are rice, chicken, ‘sheez‘ (cheese), ‘offan‘ (orange), chocolates, ”ship‘ (chips), and those little colourful jeera sweets. I’m pretty sure the word she uses the most is ‘amm‘ which means food. She also pretends to take little chunks out of her arm or couch and puts them in her mouth to tell us she is hungry!

6. Show-woman and clown

Z is definitely a little clown and show-woman – all rolled into one! She lives for the applause and ensures she does things to make you laugh. Even when she’s not trying to be funny, it’s hilarious. For example, when she sees anyone dressed in all black, she starts making monkey sounds! Because she’s seen black gorillas in her books. Can you imagine how embarrassing that can get at the mall or restaurant? She also goes into look nooks and corners to sing little gibberish songs to herself.

7. Ms. Manipulative

Usually, Z gets what she wants. And if she doesn’t, she manipulates people into getting it. She’ll kiss, hug and scream ‘love yous’ just to get her way. And if the person doesn’t give in, she moves on to the next person and repeats the whole process. So most of the time, it’s a win-win for everyone! Having said this, we are also very strict with her and she is very receptive to our ‘No’ and ‘No touching’.

Anyway, that’s all from us for now. It’s so lovely being able to witness these amazing changes to a little person – changes that will eventually make her the awesome person she is!

Thanks for being part of this crazy ride with us.


Z and Mama



This is ‘egg-xactly’ what I needed!

So, I’ve felt for a while now that I need to give Z more veggies. I do give her spinach in Dal and veggies on pizzas, but I didn’t think her breakfast was nutritious enough. I had an adult version of the ‘Egg in a Cup’ and I thought I’d just tweak it a bit for her! She absolutely devoured it and I was thrilled with all the greens and reds that went in with it 🙂 I made two and I’m not shy to say I annihilated the other one myself. Do try it out sometime –

Egg Muffins – Z style


Eggs – 2

Spinach – a few leaves

Carrots – grated

Onions – Just for the crunch

Tomatoes – Just for the juiciness

Red Chilli powder – Because Z cannot do food without spice




Cheese – optional



  • Cut/grate/chop up all your veggies and keep them ready.


  • Whisk the eggs with salt, pepper and a bit of red chilli powder.


  • Brush your ramekins with loads of butter
  • Add the spinach leaves, carrot, onions and tomatoes to the ramekin. Top it with the egg mixture and a bit of cheese.



  • Let this bake for about 15 minutes at 180 degrees.

So, while I made this little quickie, Dadda and Z were having quite the bonding session.


My colourful little family


Waiting for Dadda to pounce on her


And 15 minutes later – voila! Look at these lovely little egg clouds – they were fluffy and delicious!



Do let me know if you try it out! I promise you will be ‘egg-static’! Ok, I am going to stop with the egg puns now – I can almost see the ‘eggs-pression’ on your face. Sigh.

Anyway, thanks for reading!

Z & Me!



No pain, no gain? 

​Yesterday was traumatising. My little Sweet Pea was to have her ears pierced (traditionally, Malayali kids have it done before the age of 1). To be honest, I was in two minds all these days and even the thought of it made me anxious. 

Once we got to the jewellers, a decision needed to be made. He told us it would be done in about 30 seconds and so, with a heavy heavy heart, I decided to go along with it. 
The next minute or so made me realise what a brave little girl my Sweet Pea is! Of course she cried a little…but there was no shrieking in pain, throwing a tantrum or making a scene. After the entire ordeal, she saw a little girl and started smiling at her (with little sobs in between).

She looks even lovlier now and there won’t be anymore ‘gents’ or ‘ladies’ questions hopefully 😁 I’m just glad we decided to do it and my little sparkle has her own little set of sparkles now. 

Which brings me to the question that has been on my mind for a while now – as a parent, do I have the right to make these kind of decisions for my baby? Ones that involve pain or changing her body in any way? Should I wait for her to grow up and decide for herself? Or should I do the needful and let her continue when she is of an appropriate age? Am I also promoting those stereotypes that I wrote about a couple of days back? 
I think my parents got it right. As a baby, my ears were pierced when I was 28 days old as part of a traditional ritual. When I was growing up, I was a complete tomboy and didn’t feel the need to change my earrings ever. So the pierced ears were just there – serving no purpose at all. 
When I got to college, I went on a piercing spree and added 4 more holes to each ear, a nose piercing and a tattoo. So, while my parents did the first one, I still could make my own choices with what I wanted to do with my body. It’s ironic I’m writing this the day I just went and got a tattoo! 

Coming back to my Sweet Pea, unfortunately, the trauma didn’t end there as she also fell off the bed for the first time. I don’t have much to say about it – maybe I messed up, maybe I didn’t. I just wish it hadn’t happened but thankfully she is doing just fine today.  

Love and light!