Thank you, Z! 💓

Seeing her run towards me like this just makes me realise how far we’ve come and how soon! Gone are those little chubby legs that needed my support to crawl or walk. Gone are the inaudible ‘gaga-googoos’ and words like ‘bread’, ‘button’, ‘ant’ and ‘door’ replace them. However, what remains are the warm hugs, the constant screaming of ‘Mamaaaa’ and little jigs every now and then. And I hope that remains for the rest of my life. Thanks, Zoyu, for choosing me as you Mama 💜💓🌸

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Be Fierce! 

What I pray for my little daughter –

“Be fierce, be kind,

Be someone that has strength of mind. 

Never be afraid to be yourself,

For, trust me, you are the most unique piece on the shelf. 

People will come and people will go,

But you, my little one, must learn to go with the flow. 

You have one goal in this amazing world, 

Just be you and watch the magic unfurl.”

It’s natural for a mother to think forward. Before I was pregnant, I wondered how it would feel to have a little alien moving around in my belly. When I had my little bump, I wondered what the baby would look like. And now that Z is here, I keep wondering what kind of a person she is going to turn out to be.

There is only so much a parent can do right? Provide them with the right values, teach them right from wrong (but that can be subjective), train them to be respectful of others and offer timely advice. This is what I learnt from my parents. 

But a number of times, we forget that our babies have little personalities of their own too. They aren’t mere reflections of who we are as people, but power packed little people in their own right. And that is something we must not change. Unless they turn out to be serial killers, of course! 

Don’t we owe them the chance to be the best and realest form of themselves that they were meant to be? 

I have seen Z’s personality change a couple of times in the last year. She began as a little lump of cuteness who was scared of loud sounds, strangers and any household appliances (read the pressure cooker!). However, after the 8-month mark, I saw her emerge into this amazing little girl I think she is today. 

Independent (sitting up on her own, trying to crawl without help, picking at little morsels of food), hilarious (she figured out that certain actions made her parents laugh and did them over and over again), protective (she hated Dada giving Mama a hug), intelligent (as she started saying her words very early) and of course very loving (with the hugs and kisses she is known for!). 

Now at 15 months old, she is a strong-willed little girl who knows exactly what she wants. She hates shoes, loves dressing up and has hair with a personality of its own! 

The Hair and its personality!

She doesn’t throw tantrums and seems thoughtful very often. 

Little Ms. Independent

She still has an amazing sense of humour and is very intuitive. She loves her cat, enjoys dancing and making funny faces!

The funny face!

And this is exactly what I want her to be. To be honest, I can’t take credit for any of this. As I mentioned previously, they have predisposed personalities of their own and all we can do as parents is to help them shine through. 

I want her to be fierce. I want her to be loving. I want her to be intelligent. I want her to be caring. And if she is none of the above, she’ll just be a whole different kind of awesome. Which is also great. Afterall, I’m the one who’s blessed. 

Z and Mama 💓


The perfect morning! 

What does a perfect morning look like? Is there such a thing when you have a little toddler who has recently discovered how fast her legs can go and how loud her voice can get?! 

For me, it was today. My little Z has started eating on her own – little Ms. Independent that she is. I gave her a little bowl filled with fruits and she kept a pecking at them and coming back for refills. For the first time in a year, Mama was able to sit back, drink a HOT cup of tea and watch the magic unfurl. I’m so proud of my little girl 💓  

These little milestones make you realise how fast time is going by and how quickly she is growing up! Though I want to just hold on to her and keep her this size, it’s great to see her turning into this independent little girl who knows exactly what she wants! 

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Ice, ice, baby! 

It’s quite a milestone day – Sweet Pea had her first taste of ice cream and boy, did she love it! I know, I know.. no sugar before they turn a year old but a little sugar and spice hurt no one.. add ‘all things nice’ and isn’t that what little girls are made of? 😍

First time parents are paranoid and obsessive crazies. The first six months of a baby’s life are spent monitoring every sneeze, checking every bit of poop for colour and consistency as well as rushing to the ER for the tiniest ‘strange’ looking/sounding thing that comes out of either end. Once we know our babies are stronger than we think (around the 8th or 9th month), the craziness tends to come down a bit but never disappears. 

Next, comes a stage of slight overconfidence and overestimating the baby. “Oh, of course she can eat that”, “Yes, yes, she can sit on that”, and “No, don’t worry, let her play with that.” Most times, these scenarios work out just fine but sometimes the shrill shriek of our little babies pops our ‘know-it-all’bubble and promptly brings us back to earth. 

Moral of the story: Do not underestimate or overestimate your baby. She is strong but she still needs you. She enjoys eating but every food still needs to be monitored. She is social but strangers still scare her. She loves to play outside but the monkey ladder might be too high for her. 

Therefore, give her your love and attention, but also give her the space to become the amazing person she eventually will. 

And finally, always be proud of your little wonder


Hold her just once..

I’ve been adviced so many times:

“Don’t hold her for too long, let her play on the rug with her toys.”

“Don’t hold her and sleep. She will expect that every single time.”

“Put her down now and she will form the habit of sleeping alone eventually.”

I do agree with most of these and follow them so my Sweet Pea is not overly clingy or attached. Don’t get me wrong: I love picking her up and hugging her but I’ve also realised that she loves playing on her mat too. And I do give her her space when required. Instead, I sit with her and let HER come to me whenever she wants (which is still pretty often, thankfully!)

But there is one thing I do and will continue to till I can. One of her naptimes during the day is in my arms, holding her. I’ve decided to do this for a simple reason: she is growing up too fast.

It was just a couple of months back that she was still sitting on her mat, unable to crawl and attached to me every second of the day. And now she is crawling and pretty much being independent! 

So, Mama has decided to take control and hold on to those little moments – when I can watch her sleep, give her little hugs, stroke her hair – until she wakes up 30 minutes later and it’s utterly chaos again! 😂