Morning affirmations ❤️

Early morning conversations when Mama is half asleep: Z: "You want to sleep?" ✨ Mama: "Yes." ✨ Z: "You want to wake up?" ✨ Mama: "No." ✨ Z: "You want coffee?" ✨ Mama: "No." ✨ Z: "You want candy?" ✨ Mama: "No." ✨ Z: "You want Dada?" ✨ Mama: "No." ✨ Z (very offended): "But... Continue Reading →


Proudest of you!

There are just so many funny and endearing things this little one says that I just have to document it. For both our sakes 🤩 After a long day out shopping with her grandmother (@shobhanandini ) and aunt (@ria464 ), Zoya comes back to Mama. While they explain how good she has been and what... Continue Reading →


And this despite restricted TV/cartoon time! #zoyaschronicles #toddlerdiaries #toddlerblog #babyblog

Happy birthday, my baby!

Two years ago, at this very moment, I went to bed thinking - "Gosh, my life is never going to be the same again!" And boy, was I right! The next day, the 4th of April, I met the most amazing person I know - Zoya. And today, she turns 2 and is still the... Continue Reading →

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