Most beautiful…❤️

I always thought and still do that my mom is the most beautiful woman in the world. And now the conversation I had with my daughter is just history repeating itself. Mama: "I'm ready , Zoyu. Do I look nice?" Z: "Yes, so beautiful." Mama (weak in the knees): "Thanks, Baba." Z: "Like everyday, Mama."... Continue Reading →


You Bake Me Crazy!

Thursday, 20th September 2018: Baker of the Week: Zoya Menon Rao This term began with those dreaded words! Mama had 3 weeks to plan but when you can't bake to save your life, these words sound as if you have been ordered to cook a 10 course Michelin Star meal for the Queen! And the... Continue Reading →

Sh** 😲

Why you have to be careful with what you say in front of your toddler 😲 Early morning conversations in bed: Z: "Mama, no saying shit. It's a bad thing." Mama (wakes up instantly): "Yes, Zoyu. It's very bad. No saying it ever." Z (goes back to teddy and whispers): "See, I told you. You... Continue Reading →

My little mouse!

One morning, when we reached school, this was the conversation you had with Mama ❤️ Uncle Honest (guard): Good morning, Zoya! Zoya: No... After walking into the gate: Mama: Zoyu, why didn't you say good morning to Uncle Honest? Zoyu: I can't know... Mama: But it's nice to say good morning. We must always wish... Continue Reading →

Raksha Bandhan ❤️

After years of having arguments with people to the extent of being called 'anti-tradition', to people laughing at me saying it doesn't really make a difference (just chill!), it's finally happened. After having his Rakhi tied, my little nephew, Karn, just tied a Rakhi on Zoya's wrist. It may be a little thing to a... Continue Reading →

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