Trés Jolie – Review

When you have a toddler, you tend to look for places that are child-friendly or meant just for them. For me, there is no greater joy than seeing the look on Z’s face when she sees something that fascinates her or makes her squeal with happiness.

The last weekend, we found one such place – Trés Jolie (near Honeydew, Johannesburg). The website was unassuming but we were sold when it mentioned it had all the farm animals including sheep, goats, roosters, horses and even camels! Z loves farm animals right now and rattles off every animal sound possible so we just had to take her there!

We got there a little after 11:30 am and initially were shocked at the sea of humanity! Babies and kids of all shapes and sizes, prams, toys, parents, waiters, animals, stalls – it was a lot to take in! But then we started walking around and realised what an amazing place it was! We first saw the two majestic camels who were busy munching on some hay. My little nephew thought they were donkeys, which was actually quite a good guess. Z was awestruck as she had no clue what they were! 

Camels at Tres Jolie

We then walked towards the far end of the venue and got to the real treats. Z saw horses (Mama and baby) for the first time and wouldn’t stop saying “Neigh, neigh”! We saw sheep, goats, roosters, bunnies and even an emu who seemed to be fascinated by us!


The over-friendly Emu 😊

 Z enjoyed running after one stray rooster that managed to escape the henhouse 😂


Z and her new rooster friend


Fascinated! 😘

If this wasn’t enough, they also had 3 or 4 jumping castles, jungle gyms, swings, see-saws, merry-go-rounds and more! There were 3 birthday parties going on at the time, but that just added to the fun.


A big factor that impressed us all was the food! It was absolutely excellent and the service, impeccable. We had everything from the honey-basted pork ribs to fried fish, from blue cheese and steak to calzones. Every single one of us loved what we ordered. Not to mention the yummy sangrias!

Yummy for my tummy 😘

I know for a fact this is going to be our go-to place from now on. Do visit with your little ones for an amazing amazing day! Thanks, Trés Jolie, for all the fun!

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My review of Ackerman’s fleece animal onesies

With winter coming, my mom and I decided to go beserk and get Z loads of warm clothing. One place that pleasantly surprised me was Ackermans – it had such a beautiful range of baby clothes and at such affordable prices.

It was truly love at first sight when we saw their cute fleece animal onesies and decided to pick up four of them! I think they were priced at R69, which I think is great!

With their little animal hoodies and furry tummies, I was so excited to make Z wear them. Check out a few of the pictures below:


Little lama

As lovely, warm and fuzzy these onesies are, I have had a couple of issues with them. The legs keep riding up and never remain at the ankles. Z hates wearing socks so most of the time, her shins and ankles are freezing!

Another issue is while changing diapers – it is so difficult to put Z’s legs back into the onesie. We usually have to take off the whole thing and put it on again. This is because the zip strangely ends just at her navel and that doesn’t allow enough room for us to put her legs in again – unless we bend them enough to cause her pain. So, in winters, it’s quite inconvenient and cold to take off her entire onesie and put it back on again.

Having said this, they are very warm and I usually just make Z wear this and a little cotton inner. She seems very comfortable and even sleeps in them every night.

Little sheep

Little cow

So, finally I would definitely recommend these to any Mom looking for good warm clothing this winter. I would also buy these again, but hope Ackermans resolves these little issues before next winter.

Thanks for reading! 😊