Tiny humans, BIG love…

“Zoyu, you are going to be a big sister.”

I didn’t think these few words would have much of an impact on a 2-year old. But then again, this 2-year old is Zoya – my precocious (in the greatest way possible), mature, mad, caring little toddler. Over the last few months, there were spurts of – “Mama, I want a baby…” or “Can I have a brother too?” But nothing strong enough for us to realise she was looking forward to having a sibling.

So, one fine day in early October, I picked her up from school and told her – “Zoyu, you are going to be a big sister”, the smile on her face followed by “where my baby, Mama?” said it all. Of course, it was too early to tell anyone, but our little rebel decided to go to school the next day and declare to her class that she was going to be a big sister (much to my dismay and the teacher’s amusement and delight!)

Over the last 3 months, Zoya has been my pillar of strength through a tough first trimester. I’ve been resting (a lot), puking (even more), crabby (the most) and she’s taken it like a champ.

Right now, her biggest thrill is telling people she’s going to be a big sister (even if we want to or not ๐Ÿ˜ณ). Most conversations pretty much go like this:

Zoyu: “My Mama has baby in her tummy. When it becomes big, doctor will cut the tummy and take baby out and give me.” Obviously, most people do not want to or need to know these macabre details, but Zoya has always been an oversharing kinda kid.

The endearing part right now is how protective she is of the tiny bump, saying good morning and goodnight to it, hugging it at random moments and even trying to stuff some food through my belly button (most uncomfortable, to say the least). A few days back, when she saw the baby on a scan dancing around, she asked why she couldn’t see it smiling.

But the sweetest gesture is when I’m unable to pick her up at certain times, and she says, “Mama, don’t worry, I won’t hurt your baby.” And I have to remind her that it’s not my baby, but hers!

Currently, she only wants a baby brother. The idea of a baby sister is almost inconceivable (no pun intended). She’s even got the pronouns right every time she talks about it:

Zoyu: “Mama, when baby comes, I will play with him, hold him and put him to sleep in Mooma’s bed every night. I will feed him. But you have to cook it. And then I will feed him.”


Zoya also has some rather unfortunate names planned for this poor child right now – including “Franchaa” and “Baby Boom”. I’m hoping good sense prevails by June 2019.

Jokes apart, this is a wonderful phase for our family. Seeing Zoya in this new role and looking forward to it fills our hearts with joy every single day. And of course what makes this the most special is when she says oh-so-often:

“Baby is my best friend!”



Z and Mama

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  1. Awwww this made me smile from ear to ear. Zoya is going to be such an amazing big sister. And Pri, like I always say, kids like Zoya are a reflection of their awesome parents so kudos to you both for raising her right! Also canโ€™t stop laughing about the food in the belly button bit! Lolll You are such a good writer. ๐Ÿ˜˜


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